Authorities arrested a woman posing as a doctor in South Florida after the toxic, unknown substances she injected into a woman's buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts proved to be fatal, according to the Associated Press.

Shatarka Nuby, 31, reported that her skin became hot and turned black after the injections turned hard under her skin. Dutchess, a transwoman whose legal name is Oneal Morris, injected several people with an unknown substance while posing as a buttocks-enchanting doctor. Nuby died in March due to "massive systemic silicone migration," according to an assistant medical examiner cited in the sheriff's report.

"Investigators determined that Morris injected substances such as bathroom caulk, cement, Super Glue, Fix-A-Flat and mineral oil into the bodies of his victims," sheriff's office told NBC6 South Florida. "He once told Nuby’s aunt he was using silicone from Home Depot." (Though Dutchess identifies as a woman, the sheriff's office booked her and refers to her as a man.)

Morris has been arrested before, in December 2011 for hosting illegal "pumping parties." The Sun Sentinal reported at the time that "Experts say people resort to illegal 'pumping parties,' where customers outside a hospital or clinical setting are injected with anything from Botox to industrial-grade silicone, out of convenience or because they lack insurance or access to health care and legitimate plastic surgery." The newspaper reported "pumping parties" are more prevalent in the trans community because they seek feminine figures but often lack insurance or the economic resources to obtain cosmetic alterations legally.

NBC6 reports that there are other victims, some of whom "aren't out of the woods medically yet." Morris may still be charged for making the other women ill as well, and is currently being held at the Broward County Main Jail.

False silicone injections aren't uncommon. A 42-year-old Padge Windslowe was arrested on third-degree murder charges in Philadelphia on Tuesday for posing as the "Black Madam" and giving a 20-year-old British tourist a series of deadly silicone injections.

A 45-year-old Georgia woman, Kimberly Smedley, was arrested in Washington, D.C. last October after her injections hospitalized a Baltimore exotic dancer.

A 30-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital in Detroit last October as well after receiving silicone injections from "a doctor in Mexico." She was short of breath and coughing blood after the industrial-grade silicone traveled to her lungs and resulted in "silicone embolism syndrome."

A 2008 Centers for Disease Control report warned of the "substantial risks" of receiving cosmetic procedures from unlicensed individuals after three women in North Carolina developed kidney failure after receiving injections from an unlicensed facility in 2007.

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