The Raw Story staff collectively said "Awww" when we saw the baby gorilla cuddling with its 29-year-old mother named Rebecca at the Frankfurt Zoo.

Regina Brinkmann, the zoo's gorilla keeper, said Rebecca "came before us, clean and fully proud and went immediately to show us, 'Look what I have.' She is a very proud mother and the baby was already dry and had already drunk. So she did everything right and looks great." [Translated from German.]

You can view still photos of the newborn gorilla on the Daily Mail, which reports that the baby has been "so closely protected zookeepers have been unable to get near enough to determine its sex."

Watch the video, uploaded by HR Ferensehen to YouTube on July 12.

[youtube expand=1]

As a bonus, you can watch another video of a baby gorilla on a rainy day at the Bristol Zoo in the U.K., uploaded to YouTube on July 12.