A lesbian woman was allegedly assaulted by a man at a bar for talking to his girlfriend last weekend. The woman says she is the victim of a hate crime.

Jaqi Lloyd of Memphis, Tennessee said her nose was broken in two places by the man, Brandon Hooper, who allegedly shouted obscenities and told her "that’s what you get, you lesbian.”

She was at the Celtic Crossing bar when she ran into a girl she went to high school with. Hooper apparently was upset the two women were talking together. Lloyd said the conversation was casual.

“For you to say [censored] and lesbian and [censored] you and that’s what you deserve, to me that’s a hate crime,” Lloyd told News Channel 3.

Hooper has been charged with aggravated assault. In a statement posted on Facebook, he denied attacking Lloyd and said he never would hit a girl.

“I just want to stick up for my gay community because I believe we should be allowed to live normal lives just like everybody else, and living in Midtown in a gay friendly community it’s so unfair to get punched in the face or punched in the nose,” said Lloyd.

Watch video, courtesy of News Channel 3, below: