A member of Jordan's parliament faces attempted murder charges after pulling a gun on his opponent in a televised debate.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Mohammed Shawabka drew his weapon at former minister Mansour Murad Friday after Murad called him "a mafia thief" who "bought people's votes." The two men were taking part in a discussion Friday on a private satellite channel, Josat, regarding the uprising in Syria. Shawabka, who represents the town of Madaba, had accused Murad of being a spy for the Syrian government.

Despite repeated pleas to calm down by the host, identified by The Times of Israel as Mohammed Habashneh, Shawabka first threw his shoe at Murad before pulling his gun out and shoving Murad, though no shots were fired. The interviewer managed to get between both men.

The Jordan Times reports that the Syrian government has not issued a comment on Shawabka's actions.

Watch video of the incident, posted by the Times on July 8, below: