Vermin Supreme, who is perhaps the best known gag candidate for president during the current election year, is often taken to be no more than a loveable eccentric.

During an interview with livestreamer Tim Pool at the HOPE9 conference on Saturday, however, anarchist and performance artist Supreme, whose platform is based on free ponies, mandatory tooth-brushing, and zombie preparedness, showed himself to be very much in control of the image he projects.

"I have become one of the more well-known [candidates] by utilizing humor, absurdity in my presentation and in my appearance," he explained. "I'm all about simple, elegant, and effective, and when I wear the rubber boot on my head, it draws a lot of attention."

"Free speech is very important," Supreme stated earnestly, "and I am exercising it to the fullest of my abilities by putting myself on the front line. My candidacy, it may be farcical, but I am there in the real life, interacting with real life people, real life police, real life Secret Service agents, real life candidates, and I am doing it because I am representing my constituencies."

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Timcasts on July 14, 2012.