Jason Stetz, the butcher at and owner of Heart O'Lakes Quality Meats in Pelican Bay, Minnesota, is dishing out his newest meat invention as fast as he can make them: 7-pound hot dogs.

KRTV's Kiersten Cooley reports that Stetz invented his version of the beefy giants after watching a "Modern Marvels" episode about hot dogs with his kids. They bet him that he couldn't make one and, after a few weeks, Pelican Bay history was born.

Stetz sells the 7-pound behemoths either whole or sliced and frozen, and said he can hardly keep them in stock. "They always say it's never a sale unless you have a return customer," Stetz added, "and we're seeing a lot of return customers!"

Watch the video, uploaded by CNN on July 3, 2012, below.