At 2:22 this afternoon, Boston Police were notified about an unusual larceny in progress: a man appeared to have stolen the costume for the Red Sox's iconic "Wally the Green Monster." He was spotted several blocks from Fenway Park after the call went into police, reportedly "wandering" around Boylston Street.

The man, and the costume, were picked up by police in almost an hour. The police tell CBS Boston that the man was a Red Sox employee who was apparently not authorized to wear the suit, prompting the call from Fenway security.

Wally is named after the original "Green Monster" -- the tall wall that has stood in left field since Fenway Park was built in 1912. It was painted green in 1947, and is the highest stadium wall in major league baseball, preventing many line drives from becoming home runs as they would in other stadiums. Wally The Green Monster debuted in 1997 to the then-dismay of many fans.

[Image via Ryosuke Yagi on Flickr, Creative Commons licensed]