It's not hard to find things to criticize about Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL): from his time as a deadbeat dad to his failure to file proper disclosures about that debt to his ability to loan his campaign tens of thousands of dollars and take expensive trips abroad with his girlfriend while failing to pay said child support, the man who rode to office on a platform of fiscal responsibility in government has hardly been the arbiter of responsibility in his personal life.

So, given his double standards about his own life, it probably should have come as no surprise when he declared that former Veterans Administration official and double-amputee Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth was not a "true hero" because she talks about her service. His reasoning, such as it was, was that Vietnam War vet and former POW Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was and is reticent to talk about his own service.

Of course, anyone who actually followed McCain's career or his two Presidential campaigns might find the idea that McCain is reticent about his military service doesn't square with their memories. But in case there was any doubt that Walsh's version of events -- or call for Duckworth to shut up about her service already -- was grounded in reality, Nation blogger Katie Halper put together a short video (below) to remind people of just a few of the times McCain "reluctantly" mentioned his service.

Watch the video, first uploaded to YouTube on July 10, 2012, below:

[Disclosure: Katie Halper appeared with Spencer Ackerman in a 2008 video that I made at the Democratic National Convention for Jezebel, in which they talk to PUMAs about Sen. John McCain's military record and whether or not he discussed it often.]

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