For reasons unknown, a bright red, six-ton, double-decker bus will be doing push-ups outside the Czech Olympic House in London during the Olympic games.

The artist, Czech sculptor David Cerny, reportedly called his work "very ironic," and it shows.

The two-story bus is fitted with rotund buttocks and two strapping arms that actually push the structure up and down. All the while, audio cues grunt and groan in exertion, as if to somehow become even more attention-grabbing.

"There's one common exercising around the world for sportsmen, and it's push-ups," Cerny said in a video published to YouTube revealing his latest work. "So, I thought that the push-up would be perfect fun."

It all makes a little more sense when you see the artist's previous work (link possibly not safe for work).

This video was published to YouTube on July 23, 2012.