Warner Bros, the studio behind The Dark Knight Rises, has been forced to shoot an entirely new ending to upcoming crime thriller Gangster Squad in the wake of the Aurora shootings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The changes mean the period crime thriller, which stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin, will not now be released until January 2013. Reports last week suggested that studio bosses were concerned over a scene in which criminals come from behind a cinema screen to spray bullets into the audience. The offending section was removed from trailers for the film, but it has now emerged that it plays a prominent part in the movie's denouement, prompting an extensive reshoot.

The changes are being made in the wake of the shooting that killed 12 people during a screening of Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, on 20 July. Gunman James Holmes is due to be formally charged today and could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Gangster Squad, which is directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, centres on a police unit charged with taking down the mob in 1940s and 50s Los Angeles. Based on a real story, it sees Gosling play rogue cop Jerry Wooters, a vice detective drafted in to go head-to-head with infamous gangster Mickey Cohen (Penn).

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