A majority of New Yorkers believe the city's police department is biased against blacks and Hispanics and in favor of whites, according to a poll Tuesday.

The New York Times poll found that 59 percent see the NYPD favoring whites, while only 27 percent think police treat all fairly.

The most critical view came from black respondents, 77 percent of whom thought that whites were favored by police. Among Hispanics, 68 percent saw the police as biased in favor of whites.

However, among whites, there was an almost even split of 43-41 percent, only the slight majority accusing the police of bias.

Recruitment to the NYPD has created a force that increasingly resembles the city's ethnic make-up. However, upper ranks remain white-dominated and policies such as the stop-and-frisk tactic, which is concentrated in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, continue to cause tension.

In the poll, 48 percent of respondents thought stop and frisk, which is meant to get illegal guns off the streets, was acceptable, while 45 percent said it was excessive.

However, among blacks, those numbers were 35 to 56 percent, while among whites they were reversed to 55-39.