A Missouri woman's search for a graphic-design job has led to her becoming an online hit.

25-year-old Tisha Shelton said she started her video blog, which has garnered more than 1.5 million views in just a month, as a way to reassure employers she wasn't much different from any other applicant. Except for one thing -- she was born without arms.

"If I'm gonna go on an interview they're gonna look at me and go, 'oh, she's disabled, we're gonna have to worry about this. How's she gonna take care of the job?,'" she told KTVI-TV. "I just wanted to ease their mind, and be like, 'I can do anything that you can do.'"

So she created "Tisha UnArmed," a YouTube channel where she chronicles how she accomplishes everything from everyday tasks like making a sandwich or shopping to driving her specially-modified car with her feet.

Shelton said that though she's still looking for a job, she's also become a source of inspiration -- and a resource to teachers and physical therapists.

"They'll contact me and they're like, 'We have this four year old born without arms and we don't know how to deal with her, We don't know how to teach her how to do things.'" she said. "I'm like, 'Wow, that's a need?'"

Watch KTVI's report on Shelton and her job search, aired Wednesday, below.

And Shelton's explanation of how she can drive a car, posted Aug. 25, can be seen here.