The "Resident Evil" line of game are, even fans of the series must admit, kinda bizarre, what with its emphasis on superhuman mutant dogs and bizarre zombie-plant people with all sorts of tentacles and the like. And yet somehow this new promotional event Capcom is throwing for "Resident Evil 6" still seem pretty strange.

Capcom hired food artist Sharon Baker to help them create turn London's Smithfield Meat Market into a real horror show chock full of human-looking body parts, all of them edible. The shop even includes a full-scale meat model of Baker herself. The display will be open through Saturday night.

The notoriously gory zombie-themed games have always made all sorts of shocking dismemberments a centerpiece, but the butcher shop is admittly quite odd. Capcom said proceeds from the sales of its human-shaped meats would go to support the Limbless Association charity.

That means diehard "Resident Evil" fans in London will actually be able to purchase the means to make their own "Jill sandwich" (a nod to an awful line of dialogue from the first game) if they so choose.

Fans and everyone else will have to wait until October 2 to play the game.

This video is from Reuters, published Friday, Sept. 28, 2012.