A hair-raising Los Angeles police chase ended Wednesday with a mob surrounding a group of alleged bank robbers who were seen throwing armloads of cash from their vehicle as they fled.

It began around 10 a.m., when four men allegedly robbed a Bank of America in Santa Clarita, according to The Los Angeles Times. Police said two of the suspects bailed out and fled on foot during the chase that ensued, and apparently escaped.

Two other drivers sped through downtown Los Angeles throwing wads of money from their vehicle. The chase finally came to an end an hour later when hundreds of people surrounded the vehicle and it was forced to stop.

Footage shot by local news helicopters shows eager people running out into the streets, even in front of speeding police cars, to scoop up as much of the stolen money as possible.

Nobody was injured during the hour-long chase.

This video is from KTLA 5 in Los Angeles, broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012.