Political stump speeches, The Daily Show's Jessica Williams said, are like those stories your dad tells all the time; sometimes he leaves out details, and sometimes he adds them to suit the situation.

"Or maybe he just forgot because Dad's getting old," she explained, in one of a series of faux-instructional videos about the political process the show released Monday featuring Williams and the rest of the show's correspondents.

After explaining the origin of the term -- what really happened, Jason Jones said, is that candidates in olden days would stand on top of people with amputated limbs -- the team offered up tips for would-be candidates looking to make an impression on future supporters.

Being relatable can make a difference, of course: candidates should be able to bring up the local delicacy, show their support for the nearest "sportsball" team, and have the proper attire -- pushed-up sleeves and pseudo-casual mom jeans.

"Because when it comes to president, what I need more than anything is a guy who looks like the Brawny man," Wyatt Cenac deadpanned.

Watch the rest of the team's how-to video, posted Monday by Comedy Central, below: