Democrats at their national convention on Wednesday amended their 2012 platform to include a reference to "God-given potential" and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The change was proposed by former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

"As an ordained United Methodist minister, I am here to attest and affirm that our faith and belief in God is central to the American story and informs the values we’ve expressed in our party’s platform," he said on the convention floor. "In addition, President Obama recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and our party’s platform should as well."

After three voice votes in which the "ayes" sounded only slightly louder than the "nays," Democratic National Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa declared that "in the opinion of the chair, two thirds have voted in the affirmative."

“The motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended,” he continued, while many Democratic delegates booed.

Conservatives had sharply criticized the Democratic Party for omitting any reference to God or Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their 2012 platform, which was released on Monday and adopted on Tuesday. Previous Democratic platforms have included both.

Israel has long maintained that Jerusalem is its capital city, a claim that is contested by Palestinians and the international community. The claim also runs counter to U.S. policy. Most nations, including the United States, maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv.

Watch video, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, below: