A 4-year-old Pekingese dog named Mittens shocked her owners after she adopted a kitten and began producing milk to nurse it.

Pat Weber of Jordan, Minnesota told the Star Tribune that her grandson found the kitten in a pole barn near their house when it was just a few days old.

"He brought her into the house and said 'I think she's dead,' but I held her in the palm of my hand, and I could tell she was moving," Weber said.

It wasn't long before Mittens starting caring for the kitten, which they named Boots.

"And the kitty found her [teats] and she started sucking on her," Weber recalled to CBS News. "After three days, my dog had milk. ... It's keeping it alive, it's growing like crazy. And she takes care of it and cleans it and loves it."

Veterinarian Stephen Lavallee examined both animals and determined they were healthy and the kitten was growing at a normal rate. He advised Weber to "just let them do it."

Watch this video from CBS News, broadcast Sept. 24, 2012.