A woman in Devon, England has been jailed after she allegedly hijacked a passenger ferry, shouting "I'm Jack Sparrow" and "I'm a pirate."

This is South Devon reported that 51-year-old Alison Whelan ended her "two-day bender drinking Lambrini and eating hallucinogenic plants" by fleeing from police in a the 45-foot Dart Princess Passenger Ferry on the River Dart last year.

As Whelan and a companion evaded police for over an hour, the drunken pair ran the ferry into other boats "like a pinball machine," a court in Torquay was told on Thursday.

"I heard a female voice saying they were pirates and asking, what are we going to do now?" Ambulance technician Peter Jordan recalled.

The pair later admitted that they had been drinking for days and had consumed nightshade, a toxic plant that is known to cause hallucinations.

Whelan was found guilty of aggravated vehicle taking and sentenced to 112 days in jail.

[Photo: YouTube]