Police officers in Williston, Florida have found and rescued a puppy that was buried alive. According to the Gainesville Sun, the abandoned dog is doing well and is expected to recover, but police are searching for whoever tried to kill the animal.

Williston police officers were disposing of evidence in a "pit area" per a court order when they heard the sound of whimpering coming from somewhere close by. At first, they were unable to trace the source of the sound, but when they realized it seemed to be coming from underground, they carefully began to dig.

They found a two-week old puppy, eyes still closed but alert.

"I think the dog was less than an hour in the ground," said WPD Chief Dennis Strow.

A police lieutenant "grabbed up the dog" and rushed it to a nearby animal hospital, where it was given fluids and solid food. Strow said that the puppy is currently "doing fine" and will be placed with a loving home when he's old enough.

As for whoever buried the dog and left him for dead, "Somebody knows who did this. I guarantee we‘re going to follow this one and prosecute whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law," said Strow.

Anyone with information can call: 352-528-4991.