Fox News co-host Eric Bolling on Monday accused President Barack Obama of valuing the teachings of Islam over the U.S. Constitution.

Bolling noted on The Five that the alleged maker of a highly controversial anti-Islam film on YouTube had been interviewed by federal probation officers over the weekend.

"America changed at that moment," he said. "To use what is being called a flimsy ploy to bring this guy in for questioning proves that the Obama administration, through all this appeasement and apologizing, answers to the Qu'ran first and to the Constitution second."

"There's no reason for that man to be brought in. There's no reason for him to be brought in and questioned," Bolling added.

The alleged filmmaker is currently under supervised probation for a bank fraud conviction that specifies he cannot get on the Internet without his probation officer’s approval. A federal spokesperson said Friday his probation is under review.

Bolling later sought to clarify his comment.

"What I meant was, rather than appeasing the Muslims, [President Obama] should worry about free speech first. That’s it. I’m done with, I don’t want to hear about it," he said.

Watch video, courtesy of Media Matters, below: