President Obama has been such a big meanie president that he's now making children cry.

That's the implication of a new attack ad released last week by the conservative super PAC Americans for Job Security. In the ad, a female jogger pushing a baby stroller says that she goes running "to forget" all the economic problems in America, like the fact that her husband has been laid off twice.

"I voted for Obama, but hope and change was just a slogan," she says.

"The future is getting worse under Obama," she adds, as the camera cuts to the child in the stroller, who is now crying.

The ad is part of a major TV offensive Americans for Job Security has planned for the final month before the November election. The group has put up $8.1 million to air the ad in half a dozen swing states that will be vital to either candidate's opes of winning the election.

Watch the video below: