Amy Wood, the wife of Idaho state Rep. Fred Wood (R), was airlifted to a Utah hospital on Saturday night after an explosion in their home caused second degree burns to her hands and face, according to the Magic Valley Times-News.

The Woods were reportedly eating dinner when, according to Burley, Idaho Fire Chief Keith Martin, "they heard a sound like a 747 coming from the basement." A gun safe, which was housed in the basement under the patio on which Mrs. Wood was standing, apparently exploded, lifting the patio slab off the ground and collapsing the roof. The patio slab on which Mrs. Wood was apparently standing reportedly collapsed into the basement after the explosion.

Mr. Wood is said to have sustained minor injuries. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

[Image of Fred Wood via his Facebook page/ "Cartridges Of .45 Acp Pistols Ammo" on Shutterstock]