Now that Mitt-flop has pretty much put the nail in his political coffin, it's time for the nation to turn to what's been painfully obvious to many of us since the minute we heard Willard "Mitt" Romney was the Republican nominee for President: Barack Obama is going to win in November. But he's going to face a second-term that looks much like the last two years --with a Republican-controlled House and an impotent Senate, barely controlled by the Democrats.

If you enjoy gridlock, party obstructionism, general fratboy assholery and Democratic Party capitulation to the notion that the poorest among us aren't pulling their own weight (We keep you alive to serve this ship!), you're really going to enjoy the next four-and-a-half years! Around these parts, we call it Clinton IV: The Neo-Liberal Re-Re-Awakening. However, this sequel won't have a job-fueling new industry to hide the pain ordinary Americans will face in its wake.

And this brings up at least one important question: Why are progressives sinking millions into a Massachusetts Senate race that will not change the aforementioned gridlock --even if Elizabeth Warren wins-- instead of investing in smaller Congressional and Senate races they could win?