On his show Wednesday night, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show noted that the Democratic Party was so "effortlessly diverse" that they had back-ups.

"Remember the fuss at the RNC over the rising Latino star Marco Rubio," Stewart asked. "Well, the Democrats have not only a rising Latino star of their own in San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, they have an extra one of him in case he breaks."

At the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, Julian was introduced by his identical twin brother, Joaquin.

"Democrats have so many Latinos they've got doubles," Stewart quipped.

Viewing the Democratic delegates and others attending the DNC, Stewart noted the room was filled with "black people, Asians, Sihks, Jews, Muslims, hippies, veterans, babies, 1940s boxing reporters, 1840s sheriffs, Navi Americans, gay service droids, muppet Americans, and of course, Newman."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: