Keith Olbermann released a “special comment” last night regarding the now-notorious “47 percent” video.

Mother Jones released a video of a Romney campaign fundraiser Monday evening in which Republican Presidential nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) was caught on tape disparaging the nearly half of the country as "victims" who are "dependent on government" at a fundraiser for wealthy donors. Late Monday evening, Romney hastily arranged a press conference attempting to walk back his remarks.

His statements, Romney said, were "off the cuff" and "not elegantly stated."

Keith Olbermann, former host of "Countdown with Keith Olberman" on MSNBC and Current TV, released a self-produced "Special Comment" last night addressing this new crisis for the Romney campaign.

"Good evening," begins Olbermann, "Now, as promised, tonight's special comment on Gov. Romney's '47 percent' tape and the news that this fundraiser was staged by a man who conducts sex parties on Long Island..."

Watch the rest of the statement, embedded below via Moby Picture: