Police in Shenango Township, Pennsylvania on Wednesday announced that they had arrested a 53-year-old man who they say prayed in a "Tebow" pose after assaulting a 17-year-old boy in August.

The Shenango Township Police Department said that David Edward McCosby had confessed to assaulting the teen and was charged with misdemeanor simple assault, according to The Smoking Gun.

A police report last month indicated that a male suspected had confronted the 17-year-old boy because he had briefly driven a lawnmower into the road, blocking the man's car.

"The male in the vehicle, possible a 1980's Chrysler New Yorker maroon in color, stopped," the report said. "He knocked the juvenile off the lawn mower and assaulted him in the front yard of the residence."

"The male then walked back towards his vehicle, stopping and kneeling down as if in prayer (a 'Tebow')."

"Tebowing" is a neologism for the act of praying by kneeling on one knee and placing a fist on the forehead. The pose was named after Christian football player Tim Tebow and was officially recognized by the Global Language Monitor in 2011.

Photo: Shenango Township Police Department