The solar eruption witnessed August 31, what's known as a "solar prominence," was captured in stunningly psychedelic detail by NASA scientists, who were kind enough to publish a video on Wednesday showing the gorgeous natural phenomenon from several breathtaking angles, all in glorious high definition.

The video was created using footage compiled from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory and the jointly-run ESA/NSA Solar Heliospheric Observatory. NASA said the eruption threw a coronal mass ejection away from the sun at over 900 miles per second.

It did not pose any threat to earth or man-made electronics, although the U.S. space agency has warned that a large enough solar flare directed at earth could cause problems with satellite communications and the U.S. electric grid.

This video was published to YouTube by NASAexplorer on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012.