A New York man is suing the Hooters restaurant chain after he was identified with an anti-Asian slur on his receipt to the company's Queens location.

According to WCBS-TV, Kisuk Cha, a recent immigrant to the U.S. from Korea, said he and his girlfriend were called "chinx" on the receipts for their takeout order during a trip to the restaurant in July.

The employee who allegedly took his order, a 20-year-old hostess, used another employee's identification to do so and resigned after it was traced back to her.

"She made a mistake, she was insensitive," said the company's attorney, Edward McCabe. "For that, the company does not bear responsibility."

Cha told the New York Daily News the employee was "giggling" after looking at the monitor where the orders are tallied.

The Hooters incident marks the third case of anti-Asian language being used against customers at various restaurant chains. In January, a Papa John's in Harlem fired an employee after a customer revealed she had been identified as "lady chinky eyes" on her receipt. A little more than a month later, New York state assemblywoman Grace Meng (D) called on the New York City Human Rights Commission to issue stricter guidelines on employee interaction after she caught employees at a Boston Market restaurant calling her "La China."

WCBS' report on Cha's encounter can be seen below.