One Oregon-based brewery is hoping, for some reason, that their newest brew made from an ingredient derived from the brewer's beard holds the secret to unlocking the selling power of the man's mane.

For Rogue Ales Brewery brewmaster John Maier, it all started as a joke when a coworker suggested they mail several of his beard follicles off to a lab to have them tested for yeast.

"To the shock of the experts at White Labs, the beard samples had produced a yeast strain that was perfect for use in brewing," the company's website explains. "Additional testing was conducted and confirmed that the yeast strain was not Rogue’s yeast. White Labs’ Chris White said 'we were shocked and thrilled with this remarkable discovery.'"

"You're really not drinking the beard," Maier told KPTV Fox 12 in Oregon . "You're drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast in it that comes from a beard."

The company says that beard beer should be available sometime next year.

This video is from KPTV Fox 12, published Sept. 26, 2012.



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