An Occupy Wall Street protester who was penned on a sidewalk by police, then pepper-sprayed by a New York Police Department officer is expecting a baby with a volunteer medic who came to her aid that day. According to the New York Times, Kaylee Dedrick, and fellow protester Robert Grodt are expecting a baby girl in early October and plan to marry.

Dedrick, a teacher's assistant, met Grodt one year ago Monday when, during a protest, Officer Anthony Bologna strolled up to a corralled, peaceful group of female protesters and hit them with a blast of pepper spray. The assault was filmed in a now-infamous viral video.

On the day of the incident, Grodt helped Dedrick up off the ground and led her to a movie theater, where theater employees let Grodt set up an impromptu clinic in a utility closet.

The two connected and a relationship blossomed, with Grodt proposing to Dedrick on New Year's Eve in Zuccotti Park, according to Dedick's lawyer Ronald L. Kuby.

“Despite her lawyers’ requests,” said Mr. Kuby in a statement to the press, "the couple refuses to name their baby ‘Pepper.’”

Dedrick and other protesters filed suit against Bologna in Federal District Court in Manhattan alleging brutality and failure to render medical assistance. Bologna's only sanction from the city was the loss of ten vacation days. Five others are suing the officer, three in July and two others last week.

Watch the video of the pepper spraying incident from September, 2011, embedded via YouTube, below:

[Occupy Baby image by Sasha Y. Kimel via Filckr Commons]