Republican Rep. Todd Akin, who is running for Senate in Missouri, thinks that giving your member of Congress money is a good way to get in touch with them.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday by the campaign of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) highlighted Akin's response after he was asked the best way to contact a member of Congress.

Akin said in May at a Fair Tax Kansas City Meeting that writing letters was a good way to get in touch with a member of Congress, particularly if a group can send a large volume of mail regarding a single issue.

"I'll tell you, it sounds sort of self-serving to say it but if you go out and somebody is working on campaigns and you find out that you like them, you think they're a good person, you go help on their campaign, that gets their attention," he continued.

"I'm in a three way primary for the U.S. Senate. I've gone to people and asked for their support, their help, or their endorsement and some people say yes. They write me a decent check. I remember that... You remember who’s helping you. That’s one way that people get to know Congressmen and Senators."

Listen to audio, uploaded to YouTube on September 24, below: