For those people still giggling at Rush Limbaugh's rant about how "feminazis" are responsible for men's shrinking penises, let me assure you that his clear obsession with penises and things liberals want to do with them is unlikely to end soon. Whether it's saying that "we need to save our penises" from Obama or simply waxing on and on about what Obama wants to shove down conservatives' throats or how he wants to force Americas to "bend over, grab the ankles", Limbaugh has never been subtle about the psychosexual fears that Obama and feminist women inspire in him.

(And that's before you even get into his unhinged rant about Sandra Fluke supposedly being a "slut" and a "prostitute.")

But it was Limbaugh's apparent obsession with what the first African-American president wants to do to Limbaugh's penis that inspired the below video. Enjoy.

["Concept Of Showing That Safe Sex Can Be Hot." on Shutterstock]