Why is Fox News devoting so much time to attacking the government's push toward healthier school lunches, Jon Stewart asked Thursday? Because First Lady Michelle Obama is involved.

"If she said we need air, half the country would demand gills because, freedom!" Stewart said.

Stewart specifically pointed at anchor Megyn Kelly seemingly sympathizing with a parody song written by a Kansas schoolteacher against the new lunch guidelines, which features students acting like they were starving at only getting 850 calories a day for lunch.

But when video surfaced of another group of students singing the praises of President Barack Obama three years ago, Stewart noted, Kelly struck a much more serious tone.

"So how divided are we as a nation?," Stewart asked rhetorically. "Well, we have two types of diabetes in this country, and if Obama is against them, America's number-one news network is for one of them."

Stewart's take on Fox News and food, posted Thursday night by Mediaite, can be seen below.