Tea party activist and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi believes the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte was a "remarkable demonstration" of "communist activity disguised as patriotism."

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, he noted that the Democratic Party Platform of 2012 initially did not contain the word "God" nor did it claim that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. Corsi also accused the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and former President Bill Clinton of being womanizers, and suggested that the Democratic Party promoted wanton promiscuity with free birth control.

"The next thing the Democratic Party is going to start proposing I guess is the communist plank to confiscate private property -- private property itself is intrinsically evil," he said. "Anyone watching that convention last week, the Democratic Party, has to come to the conclusion that we are at a crossroads."

Corsi has written numerous books criticizing Obama, claiming he is a radical who is not eligible to be President of the United States because he is not a natural born citizen.

In his video, Corsi claimed Obama had "communist training" and described his speech at the convention as "pathetic" and "hollow." He warned that if Obama won re-election, public schools would stop teaching children about the founding of the United States, due to the President's "anti-colonial rage."

"It's clear that the Obama administration is going to go headlong off the cliff, burning the Constitution, not caring about fundamental freedoms and it will very quickly be impossible to resist," Corsi said. "This is an election we cannot afford to lose."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on September 8, below: