On Tuesday's edition of Current TV's "Joy Behar: Say Anything," guest Ann Coulter said that she is "horrified" that she ever dated liberal men, but that it was "a long time ago."

Coulter was appearing on Behar's show to promote her new book about U.S. race relations, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama when the conversation turned to her past relationships.

"Let's talk about your personal life," said Behar, before informing Coulter that sources have told her that Coulter has dated "more than one liberal" in the past.

"Now, are you embarrassed about that?" she asked Coulter.

"I'm horrified, but it was a long time ago," replied the longtime provocateur. However, she said, in most every instance wherein the press has linked her to anyone romantically, the reports have missed the mark.

"So, did you ever actually date a man?" asked Behar.

"Never the ones that you read about on 'Page Six,'" Coulter said, referring to the New York Post's infamous gossip column.

Behar mentioned that her next guest would be anti-vaccination activist Jenny McCarthy, who is posing in Playboy magazine this month.

"Ann, would you ever pose for Playboy?" she asked.

"No," Coulter replied.

"I think you could, you're very attractive," said Behar. "You could do it. It would soften you up a little."

"They asked me once," said Coulter. "They asked me to once and I said I would never do it. I am a Republican, Joy."

Behar scoffed, "Oh, I know plenty of Republicans who...well, I can't go there."

Watch the video, embedded via Current TV, below: