Thousands of skateboarders stormed the central Plaza de Mayo in Argentina's capital Saturday in a noisy demonstration to demand more public space for their sport.

The demonstration -- organized over social media networks -- surprised police officers, who watched traffic get interrupted while protesters, mainly teenagers, shouting "skate, skate, skate" zoomed in laps around the square.

Some seasoned skaters found spots in the historic square, located in front of the government headquarters, to use as makeshift ramps to demonstrate their skills.

"We want more space to practice. The city is full of bike lanes, but for skaters there is almost nothing," one protester, named Augustin, told the TN television channel.

Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri built around 65 miles of bike paths in the city to promote cycling as a means of transport. He also helped create a free program that posts bikes for public use in 22 spots around the city.

There are some a few plazas designed with skating in mind, but the sports' enthusiasts say they are insufficient.