Glenn Beck's website The Blaze reported on Tuesday that his SUV slid down a hill, barrel-rolled and was totaled over the weekend.

According to the website, Beck had been visiting the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York for his daughter's wedding, but the trip didn't go according to plan.

The conservative radio host said that it was like a scene from the movie "Father of the Bride" when his Ford vehicle, which had been "parked at the top of a hill by his rented cottage, went sliding down a slippery hill and barrel-rolled several times."

"We‘ve rented this little cottage there on the lake and we’ve just parked this SUV on the hill. Well it had been raining. I didn’t live in California who knew about mudslides," Beck explained to his listeners on Tuesday. "I open up the door, and my wife says, 'Help! Help!'"

He continued: "I see my wife dressed in her evening gown from the wedding, and she’s holding on to the door handle of the car as the car is starting to slide down the hill, and I just said 'Let it go, honey.' And the car rolled down the hill, and rolled. And flipped."

"I said to the kids -- I honestly said to the kids, 'Well let’s go say our prayers, and go to bed,'" Beck added. "It was just one of those days. I watched my car roll down the hill, literally roll. Just like a movie. I just stood there. And I’m like, 'All right let’s go to bed.'"

After inspecting the vehicle the next morning, the former Fox News host's son discovered that the windows were broken out, the axle was bent -- in short, it was totaled.

"And I went, 'Oh, yeah,'" Beck recalled. "I’ll look at it later."

Photos of Beck's totaled SUV are available at The Blaze.