Bill Maher welcomed right-wing pundit Ann Coulter to his show Real Time Friday to discuss her latest book, which contends that "real racism" ended after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

"Who would know better about that than a blonde girl from Connecticut?" Maher asked, rhetorically.

In her book, Coulter accuses liberals of "fighting ghosts, because they were AWOL during the real civil rights battles," and of voting for Barack Obama in 2008 out of guilt.

"I have no racial animosity, so I was free to vote Republican," she said.

Maher challenged Coulter's claim that Obama was the most liberal president on a modern political ticket, calling him "a Rockefeller Republican" and saying the Affordable Care Act he championed was similar to an old Republican policy.

"It wasn't socialized, sweetheart, you know this," he told Coulter. "This was Bob Dole's old plan from the '90s that is a Republican business-friendly plan."

Watch video of Maher's interview with Coulter, posted Friday by Mediaite, below: