Bill Nye, he of the popular 90s science education TV show, continued Saturday to question the logic of several prominent Republican lawmakers who've publicly doubted evolution, saying that such a disbelief is profoundly, unreasonably wrong.

Appearing on MSNBC, Nye said it made no sense why anyone would argue with evolution given that its been tested and proven true in the past.

“That’s science. Those are facts,” Nye said. “You can’t just close your eyes and make them not true.”

Nye was responding to comments made in the past week by two GOP politicians—Georgia Rep. Paul Broun and Missouri Rep. Todd Akin—to the effect that evolution is a big lie. Broun went so far as to say that evolution was a bunch of, "lies straight from the pit of hell."

Both representatives are members of the House science committee. Nye previously said that having those politicians on the science committee was, "not in the national interest."

On Saturday, Nye went on to say that knocking evolution is particularly troubling because it shows an unwillingness to use the human brain to its full potential.

“This is the best idea humans have had, this process of science." Nye said. "And to set aside those discoveries, arbitrarily, betrays, really, the best in us, betrays the best use of our brains.”

Nye's mockery of evolution disbelievers is nothing new. In August, he said in an interview that parents should not teach their kids creationism because it would deprive the nation of necessary critical thinkers in the future.

Watch the video below: