William Bryan Jennings, a former top bond writer with Morgan Stanley, will no longer be charged in connection to an alleged assault on a cab driver last December in which the driver said Jennings refused to pay his fare and then stabbed him.

According to Bloomberg News, police confirmed that Jennings will no longer be prosecuted, but did not immediately say why that was the case. Jennings had asked in March that the charges be tossed because of inconsistencies in Ammar's statements to police.

Jennings is accused of attacking the driver, Mohamed Ammar, with a two-and-a-half inch blade after getting a 40-mile ride from New York back to his Connecticut home. Both sides agree that the ride did in fact take place, but their accounts of what unfolded at the end of that ride differ.

According to Ammar, Jennings balked at the $204 price they'd agreed upon before departing Manhattan. When he went to find police, he says Jennings pulled out the knife and stabbed him in the hand. "I’m going to kill you. You should go back to your country,” Jennings allegedly said, according to the police report.

Jennings, however, contends that they never agreed to a rate and that after arriving at his home, Ammar demanded $294 for the trip.

Jennings had faced assault and hate crime charges, each of which carried a maximum sentence of five years in prison, according to Bloomberg. He was placed on leave by Morgan Stanley earlier this year.

Mugshot via Bloomberg News, Darien Police Department