A tongue-in-cheek MSNBC interview with popular Sesame Street character Elmo had an awkward moment when Jansing and Co. host Chris Jansing suggested the "decidedly apolitical" red monster might be a bigamist.

When Jansing asked Elmo if he would have a first lady as part of "Elmo: The Musical," his upcoming series of segments on the show, the three-and-a-half year old monster gave a surprising answer.

"Elmo had three first ladies," he replied, before Jansing informed him of the implications of such an arrangement.

"Do you know what they call that, don't you?" she asked. "Bigamist. Do you know that word?"

Elmo quickly walked his statement back, saying the scenario was "just imagination," and that though the segments depict three first ladies, he was not married to any of them.

The show is set in New York City, meaning that under state law, bigamy is considered a felony.

Jansing noted that the interview was conducted before the Oct. 3 presidential debate, meaning Elmo did not get a chance to address Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's pledge to cut the federal subsidy for public broadcasting.

According to the Associated Press, Elmo's foray into fictional politics will be part of a series of skits that will use music to enhance the show's lessons on science, technology and problem-solving for its pre-school viewers.

"Elmo didn't live in the White House," Elmo told Jansing while describing the set-up. "Elmo lived in the Red House."

Jansing's interview with Elmo, posted on YouTube Wednesday by Talking Points Memo, can be seen below.