Stephen Colbert opted not to "bore" viewers Monday with examples of voter fraud, but he did condemn Colin Small, the Republican operative accused of trashing voter registration forms.

"You destroyed voter registration forms, but only eight?," Colbert asked a mugshot of Small. "What's the matter -- was the paper stock too heavy? Why didn't you shred them, or bury them, or batter-fry them at the state fair? Frankly, I would have expected better from the Albino monk from The DaVinci Code."

Small will not be investigated for his alleged actions, but Colbert dismissed the incident.

"That's how the electoral sausage is made, folks," Colbert said. "And like with sausage, it's often tainted, and once in a while, an asshole gets in there."

The incident, Colbert said, was part of the game: Democrats try to register voters and get them to poll sites, while Republicans play defense.

"That's what wins championships," Colbert explained. "Oh, by the way, some polling places will also have linebackers."

Watch Colbert's explanation for the voter fraud allegations, aired Monday on Comedy Central, below.