With time running out on Iran's chase for nuclear capability, Stephen Colbert said Tuesday, saving the world was up to him, leading him to put the country's leaders on his "On Notice" board.

"Mullah this over!" the Colbert Report host announced, while slotting them between the band OK Go and "flavor crystals."

"Iran, you are officially On Notice," Colbert warned. "Forget Obama's weak-ass economic sanctions. Mitt [Romney] and I mean business. Don't believe me? Ask yourself why Jane Fonda doesn't have nuclear weapons."

Colbert made the move in an effort to back up Romney's pledge during a speech at Virginia Military Academy Monday.

"I'll put the leaders of Iran on notice," Romney said. "The United States and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability."

Romney also talked tough toward Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, which drew a cheer from Colbert.

"Four more wars! Four more wars!" he chanted, as his audience joined in.

Colbert's addition to the On Notice board, aired Tuesday on Comedy Central, can be seen below.