The conservative pundits were right about Mitt Romney's performance in the final presidential debate, Stephen Colbert argued Tuesday.

"He achieved 'plausible,'" Colbert said. "Millions of Americans looked at Mitt Romney [Monday] night and said, 'He looks like he could sit in an oval room.'"

More importantly, Colbert said, Romney was able to make the case that Obama had let the world get "four years closer to a nuclear Iran."

"The president did nothing to stop the march of time," Colbert argued. "Not only is Iran four years closer to a nuclear bomb, if you think about it, everybody is, even me."

The Colbert Report host did confess that, like many viewers, he got through the debate by spicing things up with a drinking game.

"I took a shot of Manischewitz every time someone said 'Israel,'" Colbert said. "By the end of the debate, I was totally diabetic."

Watch Colbert's round-up of the debate, aired Tuesday on Comedy Central, below.