A mob of people showed up at a home in Woodstock, Georgia on Wednesday, responding to a Craigslist ad that promised free items. But when the man who posted the ad arrived at the sale, he discovered that the mob had barged inside the home and was taking everything the family owned.

Michael Vercher, whose family lived there for 20 years before recently losing the home to foreclosure, looked like he hardly knew what hit him.

He told a reporter with NBC 11 Alive that he didn't fault the people for assuming that literally everything was free -- that's what the ad said, after all -- but he was instead referring to a collection of items in the home's small driveway.

Nevertheless, "They came in and just tore the place up," he told 11 Alive. "Everyone was inside the house; they were taking out items. There were cars around the block. It was like ants in and out of the house."

For his part, Vercher said he understands why most people did it. "They probably thought that they were allowed to come [inside], and they saw other people coming in and out, and they thought it was OK," he told 11 Alive.

Police reportedly told the family that the ad's ambiguous wording -- which explained that the family was "moving and we want everything to go for free" -- also means that virtually everyone who participated in the theft could say they believed themselves to be acting lawfully.

His fiancee, Dana Lamanac, added that the mob stole two guitars that used to belong to her father. "I hope somebody has enough courage and respect for other people to bring the stuff back," she said. "I mean it's like the only thing he gave to me. It really means a lot to me."

This video is from NBC 11 Alive in Georgia, published Wednesday, October 25, 2012.