The front window of the Sumner County Democratic Party office in Gallatin, Tennessee was defaced on Monday with a bumper sticker that refers to President Barack Obama as a "bro" and First Lady Michelle Obama as a "ho."

But Maria Brewer, the vice chairman of the Sumner County Democratic Party, told WKRN-TV she plans to leave the bumper sticker where it is as a reminder of "the attitudes that are out there." The bumper sticker reads, "The bro and his ho gotta go."

Brewer, who is also a Democratic candidate for the State Senate, described the bumper sticker as offensive and disturbing.

Police are investigating the incident but have no suspects.

A recent Associated Press poll found that a slight majority of all Americans show some prejudice toward African Americans, whether they realize it or not. The percentage has risen in the four years since Obama took office.

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