Democratic candidate E. Wayne Powell, who is running against Rep. Eric Cantor in Virginia, will face a three-judge Circuit Court in December over allegations of legal misconduct.

Powell on Monday was ordered (PDF) to appear before the court on December 3 and 4 over a professional misconduct complaint with the Virginia State Bar. The complaint alleged that Powell misled those he was questioning about pending legal action against their company.

The alleged misconduct was sparked by compensation claims against the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Powell represented six employees who suffered "occupational diseases" that arose when the company had a new roof installed. The employees sued CBN, along with the roofing companies involved.

However, when Powell questioned employees of the roofing companies regarding the lawsuit against CBN, he allegedly stated that the roofing company was not itself being sued.

Powell could have his law license suspended or revoked.

Powell has denied the accusations, claiming they are politically motivated. He has noted the lawyer for the roofing company, who filed the complaint, was a former Republican congressional staffer.

“This is a totally baseless complaint in a case where I represented six workers of the Christian Broadcasting Network in the course of workers’ compensation and other litigation," Powell previously said in a statement from September. "This same complaint was presented in a motion and thrown out by the judge."

“I believe this is politically motivated based on the timing of the complaint and the fact that the complaining attorney is a former Republican Congressional staffer. In the end, I successfully resolved this case through mediation,” he added.