A member of the Fox News Medical A-Team on Wednesday insisted it was "way normal" to stockpile personal weapons because Iran had a nuclear program -- and, in fact, the people who were not hoarding survival gear might be the "crazy ones."

During a segment titled "Normal or Nuts?," a viewer asked Dr. Keith Ablow if they were "nuts" to have "amassed years of food, fuel, generators, outdoor survival gear & an enormous cache of defensive ordinance."

"Way normal!" Ablow insisted. "Because how can this guy be crazy when the Iranians are close to getting a nuclear weapon? It may be that the rest of us who aren't amassing survival gear are the crazy ones."

"I say, check the ammunition, make sure it's live because these are dark days potentially," he added. "So, not delusional, simply seeing reality."

Fox & Friends First co-host Ashley Earnhardt wondered where New Yorkers with small apartments were supposed to store their survival gear.

"The cache is in my apartment," he explained. "You're welcome anytime."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox & Friends First via Media Matters, broadcast Oct. 3, 2012.