Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) on Thursday warned that "Albanian" election monitors who will observe polling places on November 6 are part of President Barack Obama's plan to let the United Nations take over the United States.

"UN observers, monitors, have no business in our elections and should be kept out of Missouri," he told radio host Dana Loesch. "I'm calling on legislative leaders in the majority party in both the House and Senate -- Republican leadership -- to join me in saying we will not have these UN election monitors in our state."

Kinder said he was inspired by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who threatened to arrested the international election monitors if they come within 100 feet of a polling place.

Following a request from eight civil rights groups, the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner, agreed to send 44 election monitors to the United States. The international organization began monitoring U.S. elections in 2002, when then-President George W. Bush invited them to the country.

"This is a piece of the creeping affection for the UN and embrace of the UN that the left has," Kinder said. "Every other week, somebody from the Obama administration, either worst Attorney General in American history Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton or somebody is over at the UN from Obama's administration planning to sign away our sovereignty, planning to give up our gun rights, and bring the UN in over our Second Amendment rights, or submit us to a regime of global taxation. If your listeners think I am overstating this, this is the agenda of a re-elected Obama in a second term."

Though the election monitors will not intervene in the voting process, Kinder believes they intend to suppress votes in conservative areas.

Listen to audio, uploaded to YouTube by Progress Missouri, below:

[Image via FiredUpMissouri, Creative Commons licensed]