Henri, the angst-ridden feline star of an award-winning short film, appeared in a video posted Tuesday, this time sharing his musings on Halloween's own particular horrors.

"This is not a happy time of year for a black cat who does not suffer fools," he said at the start of "Henri 4, L'Haunting," the latest in a series by Seattle filmmaker Will Braden. "The house is adorned with nonsense. How do frightening ghouls have anything to do with a squash?"

Earlier this year, Braden and Henri took home the Golden Kitty Award at the inaugural Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their winning entry, "Henri 2, Paw de Deux," has amassed just over 6 million views on YouTube.

The ensuing boost in visibility has led to Henri having his own Twitter and Facebook accounts, and a Henri book by Braden is due out next year.

"L'Haunting" continues Henri's existentialist ways, as the video shows him observing a Halloween party and coming away unimpressed.

"None of these costumes are truly scary," he sighed. "Nobody ever dresses as crippling self-doubt."

Henri's latest monologue, posted Tuesday on YouTube, can be seen below.